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June 9, 2008

Release 0.5.0b7: Lucky Seven?

Assisted by the lovely Stella Artois, I worked a while this evening fixing some bugs. The result can be found here (HTTP, torrent, source):

  • FIX: For ages now we’ve had trouble with large subtitles and the lovely Aeon skin (cases with fonts having point sizes great than 50). Well, no longer. Thanks to jmarshall for pointing me in the right direction on this one.
  • REG: Amazingly nobody noticed, but playing movie trailers with the AMT plugin caused a crash. Luckily, before anyone complained, it’s now working again.
  • FIX: Better behavior with switching between full-screen and windowed mode in terms of fonts and skins resizing correctly.
  • REG: Caching A/V ratios tweaked, fixes frame dropping problem introduced last version. I tried a bunch of HD trailers and got frame dropping only when my pathetic connection couldn’t keep up.
  • NEW: Bumped up maximum allowable cache size in certain cases.
  • FIX: TIFF loading crash reported by superpea, fixed by upgrading to the latest version of libtiff.
  • FIX: ProjectM was updated to 1.1 by malloc64 (nice work, mate!), and I recompiled for OS X. I ran into some problems on GMA950 (go figure), but worked around them. It *should* now work and not display garbage on the lower third of the screen. More tweaks may be needed, but I think it’s much better than the old one.

We’ve seen these racquetballs before, haven’t we?


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