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05 April 2018

Immerse yourself in your media with Gear VR

A wise person once said “a single ecosystem does not an emerging technology establish.” An even wiser person once said “three ecosystems oughta be enough for anyone.” The wisest of all once said “you should totally not be allowed to give a one-star rating because an app’s not available on a different platform!” Well guess what? We appreciate a good aphorism and we couldn’t agree more.

A few months ago we launched our awesome Plex VR app, and amazing though it was, it was only available on the Daydream platform. It turns out we can count quite a few Gear VR and Oculus fans among the ranks of avid Plexians, and of course we aim to please. Yes, even those of you who bucked the wisest person’s golden rule of app store reviews. We still love you.

But in all seriousness, these new platforms are amazing. The second-wisest person was probably on to something: with so many healthy ecosystems springing up around VR, each with its own strengths, it’s probably safe to say VR is here to stay. Of course we haven’t forgotten our roots, and we’re always working to improve our Daydream experience, too. We really appreciate all the great feedback on the app!

For supported hardware requirements and help with Plex VR go here.

FYI, Watch together, including Voice Chat on Plex VR will be available on Gear VR within a few weeks. We are working hard to make it happen for you!

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