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March 6, 2009

Something to brighten your weekend

We have lots of interesting plug-ins in the works, but this one is kind of special. After all, who doesn’t love Pandora? Scott, who never ceases to amaze me with his plug-in writing prowess, whipped this lovely gem up. It still has a few rough edges, such as the need to log into Pandora with Safari, but we couldn’t resist releasing it early for you to play with.

You’ll note that the last menu item at the top level is a help screencast that walks you though the plug-in, which Isaac made. Please watch it if you have any questions. The only other tricky bit besides logging in through Safari is that we’ve added special controls for this plug-in: Hitting “right” moves to the next track, hitting “up” gives the track a thumbs up, and hitting “down” gives the track a thumbs down. (Sometimes you have to hit the key/button twice).

Hopefully it’s a fun new addition to the content available in Plex!


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