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June 13, 2008

Release 0.5.0b8: It’s Greek to me!

Family in town, not much time, but I wanted to get a new release out there. Here are the changes in this release (HTTP, Bittorrent, source):

  • REG: Switching between windowed and full-screen mode when watching a video now works again.
  • NEW: The genius known as bmfrosty realized that all Leopard installations come with Arial Unicode, so I’ve put some code in to intercept requests to Arial and redirect to the system-installed Unicode version. This means no more need to download and install the font for all you international folk, it should work out of the box! Simply select Arial as the skin font, and it should work. We’ll be putting more work in here shortly, including allowing you to pick more system-provided fonts.
  • FIX: You can now add Smart Folders as sources.
  • FIX: Some memory leaks playing sounds and loading images (thanks to riquedafreak!)
  • NEW: We’ve upped the minimum cache size in a few cases to be more realistic for HD media. Still lots of improvements to be made in this area, but if you’re having trouble with frames dropping or jerky playback, make *sure* your cache settings are high enough.
  • FIX: I’ve included a patch by crocodile that apparently fixes streaming from a Dreambox.
  • FIX: The default on-screen time for the song information has been raised from 2 seconds to 10.
  • FIX: New ffmpeg libraries to include a fix by elupus relating to seeking in MKV files.
  • FIX: A patch by Roman Sokolov has been included which apparently helps out with Cyrillic input, switching keyboard layouts, and allowing hot-keys to work. I’m not completely clear on the fixes because, frankly, I don’t type in Cyrillic, but the patch was clean.
  • NEW: Another part of the same patch, we now allow the desired URL encoding to be specified in a scraper. We default to UTF-8, and the new KinoPoisk scraper that’s been included in this release specifies CP1251.

Areas to test:

  • Cyrillic/international keyboard input, Russian movie scraping.
  • Smart folders.

Here’s a screenshot with Greek language enabled, using the system-supplied Arial font.

And here’s me being very confused when trying to test smart folders with Greek characters and then forgetting to switch languages:


And finally, your moment of Barkley:


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