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May 13, 2008

The Source

Just to dispel any rumors or myths to the contrary, we are – of course – planning on checking our changes back into the Linux branch of XBMC, just as we’ve done with all previous releases.

Trying to release a stable and polished product to our beloved OS X community while the Linux XBMC code churns like an Amish farmer making butter ain’t easy. I’ve been burned in the past trying to get some changes checked in and then finding that I had to update more of my local tree than I wanted to as a result.

In addition, posting comments here about violating licenses, harassing our team every few hours on IRC, and sending accusatory emails are really not the best way to get on our Christmas list. Contrary to popular belief, we do this for fun, and the less fun it becomes, the less likely we are to continue doing it.

In the longer term, we’re looking into solutions to this which will likely involve either creating an OS X branch in SVN, or creating a GIT repository somewhere where you can get access to more realtime source updates.

Until then, please, be kind and patient as we work to resolve a few more issues in the betas and then get our changes back in SVN.

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