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August 15, 2008

Status update

I apologize for the lack of updates, I’ve had my parents-in-law in town, and as such haven’t had that much free time. However, we’re very close to the next release (lots of bugs fixed!) and we have some other exciting things coming up.

For starters, we are extremely lucky to have the talented (and fellow dog-lover) Alexis Gallisa helping us out with our branding. Have a look at the in-progress logo for Plex below. We wanted to play off the similarities between the words “play” and “plex” (especially taking into account a potential slogan: “Don’t Play it, Plex it!”) and the orange play symbol fits nicely with that. I’m sure the keen-eyed viewers will notice the additional play logo in negative space between the E and the X. Simply beautiful.

Once we get the logo finalized, you can be sure there will be t-shirts and coffee mugs available!

The next release will hopefully drop in the next week, and with some luck will be the first of our stable 0.6 series. We will release further minor bug-fix updates (0.6.1, 0.6.2) as we progress in parallel with the “unstable” 0.7 series.

We also have a couple of surprises for the stable series, as you’ll see in the next release or two.


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