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February 8, 2009

Release: Plex/Seven 0.7.7 – A Few Small Repairs

As much as we try to ensure the quality of every release, there can always be some gremlins that sneak in, which is why it’s important to make it extremely easy to make new releases. After all, there’s a lot of stuff happening between writing a line of code and getting that code into your living rooms.

Luckily, we have a few scripts written, and there are really only a few simple steps: The first script builds a release, tags it, and packages it up into a DMG. The second one uploads it to our server, distributes it to a set of initial mirrors, and uploads metadata about the new release. The third “throws the switch” on the new release.

Here are the changes in this new release, which can be downloaded here (source here):

  • FIX: iPhoto events sort by date, not by name.
  • FIX: Slow access to media, marking unwatched/watched, etc.
  • FIX: The HTTP receive timeout was increased to 15 seconds, to hopefully allow TVDB time to respond. Thanks to Todd L on the forums for suggesting this fix.
  • FIX: IFO files weren’t showing up in DVD video directories.
  • FIX: The MediaStream “Info List” view mode was tweaked to make the list the same size and positioning vertically as the regular list view.

Enjoy! This is Barkley relaxing in his favorite spot of grass on the island, in the remote town of Hana.


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