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March 17, 2008

Release 0.1.7: A Few Small Repairs

I had a bit of time to patch a few holes, so hopefully this will fix some issues with the last release. This version is also built with the new XCode 3.1 compilers, although I wasn’t brave enough to try gcc-4.2.1. Pick it up in the usual place.

  • NEW: I hacked on CxImage some more, and now we extract thumbnails directly out of the RAW files if we can. This means that browsing though directories of RAW files is now extremely fast. The embedded thumbnails are also resized and rotated appropriately.
  • FIX: A merge got messed up, and the exit-on-hang (with Aeon skin, mostly?) returned. The skin unloading is again disabled, so exiting should never hang.
  • NEW: I updated to the latest code, and so D4rk’s event server is now included. This means that someone could now work on building support for the PS3 remote (using this, perhaps?), as well as maybe move the Apple Remote code out into a daemon so that pressing the Menu button starts XBMC. The daemon could be written in Obj-C or Python (or any other language, of course).
  • FIX: Scrapers have also been updated. If you have problems, hit the C key, select “Set Content” and then select Settings to make sure the scraper preferences are up to date and compatible with the new scrapers.
  • NEW: Added the fancy disc image background that Fredrik made for us to the DMG. Thanks!

This is Barkley out on his first kayaking trip. The canoe tipped, we were all thrown into the ocean, and Barkley swam over to Anna and took away her life jacket. I’m so not kidding.


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