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February 6, 2008

Quick update

I haven’t had that much time in the last few days to focus on coding, but here’s what’s on my plate:

  • With the help of the ever-so-talented d4rk, we’ve established that the “washed out” look of video is a cross-platform issue (Linux and OS X, at least) with the YUV to RGB conversion. People more skilled than I at OpenGL will likely have a fix soon.
  • We’re planing to make another release in the next few days that will incorporate some fixes and updates (like AAC support in videos). I’ll give SMB a try as well.
  • After the next bug-fix release, we’re going to have a look at supporting the Apple Remote (probably the most asked about feature, to be honest) to some degree. The key thing (no pun intended) that Scott figured out is that the Apple Remote supports “press-and-hold” as well as “press”, so we can use that to good effect, like holding down play to get information on a file, or holding down “right” to fast forward.
  • Cayce is working on some key portions of the virtual filesystem support.
  • For *simple* support issues, I’d like to request that people start using the forums as much as possible as opposed to posting questions here. The less time I have to spend answering basic questions, the more time I can be cranking out code, and for whatever reason I have the obsessive desire to answer every question that is asked here.
  • Also, I hate to have to mention this, but please don’t post anything about Hackintoshes or Apple TV support here. We’re really trying to stay on the right side of Apple here, and so we’d like to keep things completely legit.
  • Finally, you can read an interview I did with 9to5mac.com, which discusses the project and some future directions we’re considering.

On a lighter note, I’d like to thank my lovely wife for being so supportive of my late hours working on this project. She’s pictured below, looking happy because she’s watching an episode of So You Think You Can Dance using XBMC on OS X. That’s our dog Barkley, who looks rather unamused, probably because of the lack of dogs on the show. He does look pretty comfortable, however.


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