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June 4, 2012

Plex Media Server v0.9.6.3

Can you feel the momentum? We’re back with a new media server release, and we’re just about ready to submit the next iOS version to the store. We’re calling this release stable (lots of fixes!), so you’ll see it show up as an autoupdate.

This is a big release for DLNA, we’ve fixed a bunch of stuff, and extended our configuration language to allow more devices to be supported.

(Also, we’ve updated the Plex for OS X download to fix the code signing issue that was causing the violent disagreement between it and the OS X firewall. Sorry about that!)

  • NEW: Allow loading background art for individual seasons (as soon as agents support it). You requested it, we’re adding it.
  • NEW: Also by popular request, we added a “By Resolution” filter for browsing your media in a new way. Great for finding whatever SD media you still have around, or for showing off that 1080p TV with some actual 1080p content (“My god, it’s full of pixels!”).
  • NEW: Added the ability to do remote logging for easier support. This is a cool new feature which will make it much easier for us to observe log files in real-time while helping you out.
  • NEW: Initial support for a new transcoding system we call “Quicksilver” which among other things, will soon provide greatly enhanced video quality for the Kindle Fire.
  • NEW: (Linux) Builds are no longer compiled with Intel specific extensions, should work better for AMD users. There are still some of you out there using AMD chips, right? I mean, at least they don’t have floating point bugs.
  • NEW: (Linux) Startup/shutdown improved, PID file is written to $PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_APPLICATION_SUPPORT_DIR. Fixes shutdown issues on Synology.
  • NEW: (Linux) We now offer a unRAID package thanks to Dirk Spittler. Now will you send us cool photos of your unRAID setups? Blue LEDs are worth extra points, as are cute kittens sleeping on the machines. Mmm, warm kittehs.
  • NEW: (DLNA) Enable PN overrides in profiles.
  • NEW: (DLNA) Support for AudioContainers, similar to VideoContainers.
  • NEW: (DLNA) Add profile option to remap blank object ID requests.
And lots of things are fixed as well:
  • FIX: Some playback and browse issues in the 0.9.6 series related to database slowness.
  • FIX: Database performance should be much faster overall in this release. Like, much faster, retrieving all 800 or so movies from my local server takes about half the time it used to. Give it a few seconds on start to optimize your database.
  • FIX: Some media wouldn’t get a thumbnail image, if it was on the dark side (like full of vampires or something).
  • FIX: Fixed redirects in channels, which was breaking lots of channel playback.
  • FIX: (OS X) Fixed a new issue where occasionally the posters wouldn’t display in the media manager on initial scan.
  • FIX: (Linux) Don’t write settings file every hour if nothing has changed, should prevent disks from spinning up for no good reason. Some hard drive company bribed us to add that bug, but you know, we just don’t roll like that.
  • FIX: (Linux) Use system bundled rsync if available, otherwise fallback on bundled version.
  • FIX: Better handling of sleep prevention.
  • FIX: Scanner log was filling up with ‘ignoring atom of size 0’.
  • FIX: Scanner could get stuck using up 100% of CPU.
  • FIX: WMV MediaInfo profile/level not always read correctly.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Generic transcodes to mpeg/mpeg2video didn’t work.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Transcoding multichannel content to MP3 didn’t work.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Generic transcoder failed to encode mpeg4.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Server gave access to shared sections, but not myPlex owned sections.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Add friendlier error message when port 1900 is in use.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Fix stack corruption with seasons > 100 episodes.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Apply actual mime types from spec.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Identification mechanisms is now case insensitive.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Implement friendly name matching for devices without unique user-agent headers.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Episodes was displaying out of order.
  • FIX: (DLNA) Add profile option to override icon size.
There’s so much yummy deliciously to this media server release that I’ll throw in two photos of Barkley:
IMG 1765

IMG 1777

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