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August 12, 2013

Plex Media Server – public release

The 0.9.8 series has been brewing for a while now, like any fine brew of malted barley, hops, and media. (Autocorrect took my atrocious late-night typing and suggested “malted barkley, hopes, and media” which I would imagine is a very different drink.)

First released two months ago, it was followed up with,, and You can click the links for detailed changes, but the summary is:

  • Multi-user mode. All the users you share media with (inside and outside the house) get their own view of it (e.g. On Deck, view history) , and can select custom audio/subtitles. This feature is PlexPass only.
  • Now Playing: A “control room” for your server, where you can see what everyone is watching. If you enable media index files, you can even see a super cool animation of fading thumbnails. This feature is also PlexPass only.
  • Media Index Files: This option indexes your media and allows for graphical seeking. The Roku and Android apps make use of it. Also PlexPass only. Might make lesser computers cry while it’s actually indexing the files.
Screenshot 2013 08 13 08 37 42
  • HTTPS support: The media server listens on port 32443 for HTTPS connections.
  • Prettier photo albums: We now auto-select a “cover” photo for your photo albums.
  • DLNA fixes: There have been a large number of fixes to DLNA. It’s mo betta.
  • Other random goodness: Tons of fixes. Copious performance improvements.
  • Drobo 5N support: Got one of these beautiful new devices? Get your Plex on.
You can pick up this new release in the usual place. We also want to take a moment and thank all our awesome PlexPass members who have helped test and improve this release. Raise your glass of cold beer to them, or you can even become one yourself!

It’s been a hot and humid summer here. So much so that sometimes it seems like Barkley is in the water more than he’s on land. For some reason I really love this photo, it symbolizes this sort of “endless summer” feel of the last few months.

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