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February 8, 2018

Live TV and time shifting EXTRAVAGANZA

Whether you’re coming down from the high of The Big Game or excited to root for your country during the Winter Sports, you can now watch over-the-air Live TV on even more Plex-supported devices. Feature Parity Truthers™, this one’s for you.

Remember those elves we hired to help us get our holiday updates, releases, and other cool stuff out to you? Oh, we didn’t mention that? Well, now that you’re up to speed, we hired them back at a fraction of their normal cost. They also agreed to be referred to as henchmen, instead of elves, so long as we gave them a shout-out on this blog. Seasonal work is a bitch, but now you get all of these updates:

Xbox One

Add another notch on the feature list making Xbox One an excellent choice to play your media using Plex. With live TV, switch between watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to getting your metaphorical ass handed to you on PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. The elves were even thoughtful enough to add full time shifting so pause/play, rewind, and fast forward while you quest to refill your  life force.


Live TV is nothing new for Roku, but we’ve upgraded the experience to include a whole slew of features including full time shifting. What else can you expect when you watch Live TV on Roku? Take a look at the player controls and you’ll notice a current time/place marker now appears above the progress bar. There’s also an instant replay option for the times you can’t believe what you just saw. Finally, closed captioning is now available (for both DVR and Live TV) for our friends with hearing impairments. Enjoy your media however you’d like (even if it’s because you don’t want to hear the laugh track!).

Web App and Plex Media Player (PMP)

Enjoy live TV with full time shifting on the Plex Web App and PMP desktop client whenever you’re away from your beloved entertainment center. Imagine the possibilities, watch 2 Broke Girls when you’re at school, work (during your lunch breaks *cough*), coffee shops, during family reunions, awkward first dates, awkward break-ups, and anywhere else where it’s socially acceptable to get lost in your media.

What do I need?

With a Plex Pass you can now enjoy Live TV and full time shifting of over-the-air live TV (in full HD where available!) on Xbox One, Roku, the Web app, and PMP. Already have a Plex Pass? You only need a compatible digital antenna and tuner and you’re on your way to watching the next Big Game. Visit the Live TV support pages to learn more, including setup, supported tuners, and frequently asked questions.

Barkley doesn’t want to watch sports, he wants to be IN them.

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