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Plex Blog

August 25, 2015

Graduation day! The Roku and Xbox 360 apps are now free for everyone!

We come bearing great news today: The all-new Roku app and the Xbox 360 apps are graduating from their Plex Pass preview period, and are now free for everyone! That’s right, the Xbox 360 app is now available to everyone, no Plex Pass required, and the Roku app, which used to cost five buckaroos and is one of the most popular Plex apps, is now completely free, along with being like ten times as awesome. Tell your friends and family! Email your frenemies!

We’ve been working hard for months on both apps, and they are finally feature-rich enough to qualify as full Plex apps, with support for our most advanced features: Plex Home, music videos & movie extras, secure connections on the Roku, Plex Mix, channels, fancy filtering and sorting, remote control, content discovery, and so much more. For those of you patiently waiting for the other big-screen apps to graduate from the preview period, this should give you a sense of the feature package we aim for.

We’re really grateful for all the feedback we got from our Plex Pass members during the preview period: your suggestions helped shape the applications, your bug reports massively improved their quality, and your continued support is ever appreciated!

We’ll leave you with some screenshots of these beautiful applications (well, and maybe a dog). We’re seriously proud of these, which we believe are among the best-looking applications that exist on their respective platforms (not that we’re biased or anything #proudparents).

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dev (4)
dev (8)
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dev (19)
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Graduation day! The Roku and Xbox 360 apps are now free for everyone! is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.

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