Privacy Preferences Deprecated June 2024

This page allows you to change your privacy settings.

While you use Plex, we may collect information about you and the devices you use. This page describes the data we may collect and allows you to opt-out of providing certain pieces of information to us.

We take your privacy seriously and will not sell any data about your personal library content or share any data about your personal library content with third parties for their use. If you’d like more details on how we collect, use, and transfer your information, please review our Privacy Policy.

December 2021 changes: reclassified interaction data and added a new Apple App Privacy section.

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Categories of Personal Data

Account Information
Application and Device Information
Network / Session Data
TV Program Guide Data
Playback Data
Optional Playback Data
Plex-provided Content
Friend Data
Library Data
Service Data
Derived Information
Interaction Data

Anonymous Data

Server / Library Data
Apple App Privacy

Categories of Personal Data

Like other online services, Plex collects and stores information about you. Having this information helps us provide and improve our services, communicate with you, provide offers to you, and make informed decisions about where to invest our resources.

Account Information

We store general information about your account, like email address, and your subscription plan if you have a Plex Pass. This includes your plan type (e.g., monthly, yearly, lifetime), how you purchased it (e.g., in-app purchase on iOS), and how much you paid.

We also store information that tells us how you learned about Plex when you signed up or purchased a subscription (ex: you clicked on an ad in Google search results, or came in via an email promotion).

Plex collects data about the specific version of the applications you are using to connect to our services.

Application Data Sample
Product Plex for Android
User Agent okhttp/2.6.0
Player ExoPlayer
Server Version

We also collect information from the device that you use to access Plex services. Collecting this information allows us to invest our engineering resources to improve our applications on the platforms that would benefit the most customers.

Device Data Sample
Device Identifier 123456789abcdfe-com-plexapp-android
Platform Android
Platform Version 6
Vendor HTC
Model htc_e56ml_dtul
Name HTC_X9u
Screen Resolution 1920×1080
Architecture arm64-v8a
Layout Mobile
Total Memory (RAM) 7640
Power Status battery
Display Status hdmi
Orientation landscape
Smart Watch Connected Android Wear

Network / Session Data

When you connect to Plex services, we also collect some information about your network and your connection.

Network Data Sample
Secure Connection True
Network Link Type wifi
Network Status offline
IP Address
Session Length 7605
Playback Session ID 123456789abcdfe-com-plexapp-android

TV Program Guide Data

In order to properly report aggregated user counts to our service providers, we collect information about the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data used to support our live TV and DVR products. This collected information may include your zip code, local television provider (if applicable), and is only shared with our service provider in aggregate.

Playback Data

In order to provide the best media viewing experience possible, we need to collect information about how our products are being used by our customers.

Collecting playback data allows us to understand what types of content our customers are watching or listening to (movies, tv shows, music) and how that media plays (direct vs transcode). Video and audio codec data is collected to improve playback support.

Generalization of playback data
Based on feedback from the Plex community, we generalize some of the data we collect. Before our applications send us certain information, we round the values into buckets that give us the general usage data we need without providing details that could potentially be used to identify what you’re watching. Those fields are:

  • Duration of media
  • Bit rate
  • Watch time (how long you watched / listened)

Playback data we collect

Playback Data Sample
Timestamp 2017-08-30 06:53:17 UTC
Identifier com.plexapp.plugins.library
Session Identifier 5e6732e8-5da0-4cd9-85ba-2105630ff058
Playback Time 2500
Server Type shared
Connection Type relayed
Playback Origin library
Was the item autoplayed? false
Latency (in milliseconds) 500
Playback Count 1
Video Decision transcode
Audio Decision transcode
Subtitle Decision transcode
Protocol hls
Container mkv
Video Codec h264
Audio Codec aac
Subtitle Format srt
Context auto-playqueue
Reason quality
Error (if applicable) “Couldn’t create playback session”

Optional Playback Data

You can opt-out of sending us certain playback data. This option applies to playback data for your Personal Local Content (media stored on your own private server) and when streaming Personal Local Content owned by another user. When you opt-out of sending playback data for your account, it will apply to all Plex clients and servers that you are logged in to.

Playback data you can opt-out of Sample
Bit Rate 1000
Duration 1800
Resolution 1920×1080
Offset 600
Completion Status completed

Whenever an item is played, data can be reported by both the server that hosts the content and the Plex client playing it. If you play an item from your own server, opting-out will apply to both your client application and your server.

  • If you play an item streamed from a server owned by another user, both opt-out values are considered when determining what to report.
  • If both users have opted-out, no optional playback data is sent.
  • If the server owner has opted out but the user playing hasn’t, the client will send optional playback data but the server will not.
  • If the user playing the item has opted out but the server has not, only the server will report the optional playback data.

As described above, client playback data does not identify what content was played, does not identify what server the content was played from, does not identify the owner of the server that the content was played from, and is generalized.

Similarly, the server playback does not identify what content was played, does not identify which client accessed the content, does not identify the user who played it, and is generalized.

Changes made to this setting will also apply to all Managed Users in your Plex Home.

If you’d like to opt-out of sending us this data, and return to this page.

Plex-provided Content

If you watch or listen to content from third parties such as Free Movies and TV, News or Podcasts, we store information about what you viewed, the service it came from, and when it was published.

We store the list of News categories you followed and the list of content you’ve muted. We also store the list of podcasts you’ve saved to “My Podcasts” and the shows you’ve saved to “My Shows”.

Friend Data

If you create Managed Users on your account, we store information about the Plex Home and the users created.

We also store your list of Plex Friends and the sharing settings you configured if you allow them to access one or more of your libraries.

When you use the Watch Together feature, we record information about the session including who initiated it and who joined.

Library Data

We store the basic information about the libraries you’ve created on your Plex Media Server. This includes the name of the library, what type it is (Music, Movie, etc), scanner, agent, language, and dates it was created, updated, last scanned, and deleted. This information is used in order to display the sharing settings page.

Service Data

We collect and store additional information required for certain features to function. This includes:

  • User account avatars
  • Read status for announcements

Derived Information

Plex uses your IP address to roughly estimate where our customers are when using our services.

Derived Location Sample
Country US
Region PA
City Pittsburgh

Interaction Data

Collecting feature interaction data allows us to understand what parts of our product are being used on a regular basis and when our customers may be having trouble discovering certain features.

Example: what we collect when someone performs a search

Feature Interaction Sample
Page home
Pane null
Action searchinput
Mode null
Type null

Example: what we collect when someone plays a movie from the pre-play screen

Feature Interaction Sample
Page preplay
Pane null
Action play
Mode null
Type movie

Anonymous Data

In addition to the information described above, Plex collects anonymized data when users interact with our services. This includes:

  • Server / library data
  • DVR device information: manufacturer name and model

Server / Library Data

Field Sample
Server Published? true
Number of User Accounts with Server Access 2
Library Type (movie, music, photo, show) movie
Library Language en
Library Agent
Library Scanner Plex Movie Scanner
Total Number of Items in Library 57
Number of items in library based on unique combination of container, video codec, and audio codec. Container: mkv
Video Codec: h264
Audio Codec: ac3
Number of items: 33
Timestamps indicating the last time an item was added and played for each unique combination of container, video codec, audio codec. Last Added At: 2017-09-26 12:35:42 UTC
Last Played At: 2017-09-26 11:24:13 UTC

If you opt-out of sending us playback data, we will also stop sending the data described in the Server / Library section above. Opting-out will apply to all servers owned by your user account.

Apple App Privacy

In late 2020, Apple added a new App Privacy section to the app store listings for all iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS apps. This section offers more detail on the data listed on the Plex app store page.

Data Used to Track You

As described above:

  • We collect and store device identifiers and feature interaction data.
  • Location is derived based on IP address. We do not collect precise locations.

Data Linked to You

This data is linked to your Plex user account.

  • Purchases: Plex Pass subscriptions, in app purchases, etc.
  • Contact Info: email address
  • Usage Data: feature and ads interaction data
  • Other Data: analytics data used to understand how product features are used (same as Usage data).
  • Location: coarse location derived from IP address.
  • Identifiers: device identifiers
  • Diagnostics: performance data

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